Disaster Relief

Crisis Sri Lanka
Advisory: Yaas Cyclone - Flooding & Strong Winds, Sri Lanka

July 12, 2021 — The flooding situation has resolved in the western and north western areas of Sri Lanka. In total, 832 beneficiaries and three Child Development Centers (CDCs) were reported as affected by Cyclone Yaas and subsequent monsoon rains.

Crisis Colombia
Advisory: Heavy rains on Colombian Coasts

July 8, 2021 — The rains and strong winds continue to affect several cities located on the coasts of our country. A total of 90 beneficiaries and one tutor have been reported affected as the roofs of their houses were damaged and their 莱特币合约交易地址_合约交homes flooded.

Crisis Haiti
Advisory: Upheaval in Haiti
July 8, 2021 — Gunmen assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moïse and wounded his wife in a July 7 raid on their 莱特币合约交易地址_合约交home. This is all happening at a time when Haiti is experiencing economic, political and social distress. Compassion’s programs may be interrupted temporarily.
Crisis Colombia
Disaster Alert: Hurricane Elsa Heavy Rain and Strong Wind in Colombia
July 5, 2021 — As Hurricane Elsa passed through the Caribbean Sea, it brought torrential rains and caused rivers to flood in the northern part of the country. Areas impacted include Magdalena, Bolivar, Barranquilla, and Sevilla. 莱特币合约交易地址_合约交homes have been damaged and household items lost.
Crisis Philippines
Advisory: Tropical Storm Crising, Mindanao Island, Philippines - May 18, 2021

June 4, 2021 — The Child Development Centers (CDCs) report that all families have returned to their 莱特币合约交易地址_合约交homes. The affected families received food packs, clothing and cleaning materials from the CDCs and the local government.

Crisis Ghana
Disaster Alert: Rainstorm in Breman Anhwiam and Nyamebekyere, Ghana

June 1, 2021— A total of 12 beneficiaries and their families were impacted by the rainstorm. The affected beneficiaries are safe and living in permanent housing.

Crisis Indonesia
Advisory: Flooding in Sabu, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

May 18, 2021— The Child Development Center (CDC) staff report that some beneficiaries and their families have returned to their 莱特币合约交易地址_合约交homes.

Crisis Nicaragua
Disaster Alert: Tornado in Nagarote, Nicaragua

May 17, 2021— The tornado and heavy rain in Nagarote impacted a total of 17 beneficiaries and one Child Development Center.

Crisis Colombia
Advisory: Continued Heavy Rain in Colombia

May 10, 2021 — The impacted families received food, mats, and materials to repair their 莱特币合约交易地址_合约交homes. A total of 143 beneficiaries and one CDC were affected by the heavy rains.